Saturday, January 30, 2010

Olympic Air

I recently went abroad and I flew Olympic Air. I have to say it was a surprisingly positive experience. Admittedly, I always enjoyed flying Olympic.Perhaps it wasn't very efficient in terms of being profitable but it had a very good safety record and I was lucky not to have experienced any delays.
Recently it was privatised and it has been transformed into an entirely modern airline, I dare say on par with Lufthansa. The planes are new, the cabin crew are polite, the food is very good and it's actually on time. 
A minor problem with this airline though, is that the passengers are mostly Greek who are usually a bit loud and show little respect for laws and regulations. For example, most of the passengers switched on their mobile phones just after the plane had touched down, while someone found it appropriate to make a call just as the plane had started taxiing for take off.
If you can ignore that, I highly recommend it.

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